Breakfast at B&B Rimpelaar N°71 is always a joy. Whether you choose our standard breakfast that comes with your stay or one of our additional breakfast options, you will have the breakfast you’ll need to start the day. We use local and fresh products. The bread is freshly baked for you and the fruits come from our very own garden. 

Standard breakfast

This delicious breakfast is included in the price of your stay. You will enjoy a wonderful overnight stay and in the morning we will treat you with:

  • Various types of bread
  • Savory and sweet toppings
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh smoothie
  • Delicious yogurt with fruits 


Onze variaties

English Breakfast

If you are looking for a larger breakfast, be sure to choose our English breakfast! This larger meal consists of a combination of both warm and cold foods including baked fresh eggs, crunchy bacon, toast, delicious pancakes, fruits, a fresh salad and crispy beans. To complete your meal a fresh smoothie will also be included.

€ 9,00 p.p. 

High Tea Breakfast

Do you have a sweet tooth and do muffins, scones, mascarpone and sandwiches make your mouth water? Then be sure to check out our High Tea inspired breakfast! This meal consists of a combination of sweet and savory delicacies that are combined with fruits and of course different types of tea. 

€ 9,00 p.p.


If you are looking for the balanced and healthy way to start your day, this is the breakfast for you. Fresh avocados, eggs, tuna, powerfruit, granola and quark will make for a healthy and balanced meal. 

€9,00 p.p.